Setting up your own business usually involves the need to prepare the right amount to spin it. Only in some industries the financial threshold is low. For the most part, we have to take into account the need to spend from a few to even tens of thousands of zlotys to start work. In this situation, the solution can be borrowed. But can any company count on a loan to start?

The company can finance its start in several ways. They can be savings, you can also apply for various subsidies, for example from the Labor Office or from the European Union. What’s more, we can also take advantage of various forms of government assistance, for example low-interest loans. Unfortunately, these options are not always available for every company. It is necessary to meet certain requirements, which automatically means that some entrepreneurs can not take advantage of such forms of external financing.

In this situation, many companies decide on a different solution – an installment loan for start. We can receive it not only in the bank, but also in many non-bank loan companies that direct their services to business. Most often, we can borrow a sum of several to tens of thousands, but in most cases it is up to PLN 10,000 spread over several years. Loans are generally easily available, but we also have to meet basic requirements. What do you need to remember?

A start loan – who is it addressed to?

A start loan - who is it addressed to?

The entrepreneur has the opportunity to receive a loan even from the first day of running a business. What’s more, money can be obtained entirely via the Internet – without the need to go to a bank or loan company.

Therefore, we do not have to wait until our company has a specific internship – we can submit a loan application even immediately after its registration, when we already have basic company data, which we provide in the application.

In addition, a positive credit history is important. We can not be listed as a debtor in databases such as BIK or BIG – KRD, InfoMonitor or ERIF. In this case, we will receive a refusal decision.

In addition, we must meet such requirements as a permanent address of residence in Poland, a valid ID card, and in the case of internet loans we should have a bank account with on-line access – we will send a verification transfer from it. Not all lenders require a bank account with an on-line application – we can complete the formalities at a post office or post office.

Watch out for related products!

It is also worth pointing out that some banks offer start-up loans to new companies as part of cross-selling, ie selling different products together. Most often, when we receive a loan, we also need to set up a bank account. Let’s check the fees associated with running it! We can also meet the obligation to insure the loan.

In summary, a loan for starting your own business is not so difficult to obtain. We can receive it even without submitting a business plan and accounting documents, guarantees and other security measures. Everyone looking for a quick loan for the company is welcome to take advantage of our offer in Polski!